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My top 10 atm! (Will (Dundee)) - 30th September 2010 17:55:13 in section Top10
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Well no one seems to have posted one in ages, so I thought no one would mind if I did!


1) Adolescentes - Si te Marchas

2) Alex Wilson - Ain't Nobody

3) Sarah Vaughan - Whatever Lola Wants

4) Orishas - A lo Cubano

5) Puerto Rican Power - Me Tiene Loco

6) Victor Manuelle - Tengo Ganas

7) Ray Barretto - Indestructible

8) DLG - Juliana

9) Grupo Latin Vibe - Descarga Latin Vibe

10) Los Van Van - Temba Tumba Timba


Before anyone comments on how diverse this list is, I know, but atm tI'm playing to a pretty uninformed crowd and basically finding where the concensus of taste lies!


That said, these numbers seem to be winners all atm, and heck I like my music varied!

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