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Re: FAVELA SOLD! (shannon) - 22nd August 2006 13:47:29 in section Heated
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Rumours like this are very irresponsible and malicious!!!

A cheap shot like this should be seen for what it is..a pathetic attempt at creating panic and then stepping in as the saviour of the salsa world..all to advertise your own club night??!! Desperation indeed!

You should be 100% certain of the facts before you publish something on a public forum!! Creating panic and then stating 80% certaintly is a cop out!

I have verified your claims with the owners of Favela and they have stated that this is untrue.

It is a fact of live that businesses are sold every day and it is always a possibility with ANY venue that it can change hands.

There have been rumours for years that Havana was going to shut down LONG BEFORE it ever happened and the same with Favela..we can never be certain but I have been assured by the owners that this is not the case, that it's business as usual and that they are very unhappy that this rumour has been published on the internet by a person who just happens to be barred by them from their venue.

Innocent friendly warning or vindictive crying wolf? You decide.

Actually I found this message hilarious and I would like to say that I am 80% certain that world domination is within your grasp Chris and that you will be the next president of the United States(TBC)!

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