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FAVELA SOLD! (CHRIS) - 22nd August 2006 12:43:47 in section Heated
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Thought I should pass this information on since it affects the scene.

Met up with a contact of mine at the weekend who has claimed he has bought Favela and will turn it into a Bier Halle mid to end of October. This person owns major clubs and pubs in Glasgow and has the resources to do as he says. I am sure neither the current club managers or promoters are privy to this info and so can not be blamed for keping it secret.

Favela will close for refurbishment early to mid October and when it re-opens will NOT be available for Salsa.

I personally am 80% certain this is fact.

As such, I have moved my club opening forward to Saturday Sept 30th (TBC). James Combe from the Merlin in Edinburgh will open it and will play 50% CB style music and 50% Cuban. NO REGGAETON, BACHATA or MERENGUE. This will be a solely SALSA club. Free salsa class before at 10pm with music until 3am. More info to follow...

I hope you will all support this new, hopefully permanent venue and I look forward to working with all the Scottish teachers, promoters and DJ's in this new venture. Let's make the Glasgow scene great again.


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