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Unfortunaly the music does and allways will affect the style of dance. there are some tracks that are VERY cuban and some that are VERY Cross body stlye, and that does not even mention Mambo, god help us if we start trying to differentiate any more!!!
yes it would be brilliant if all styles got on, but for some reason this is the only city in the UK where we do not seem to live in harmoney with each other.
there is a devide and only with time and encoregement will the 2 sides ever get on.
Unfortunatly it does not help when peole like myself who dance both CBL and Cuban . but are persieved as only a CBL Dancer.
I chose to dance CBL as my main style purley as this is what floats my boat, i have no issue with cuban dancers or the dance, i will happily dance any style going, including, LA, NY on 1 or 2 or cuban. for gods sake i orriginaly learnt Cuban style dance, but still when i ask a Cuban dancer to dance i still get the coments " you know I dance cuban". this means not only do they belive we can only dance one or other style, but they are unawaire that a good follower can dance with a good lead whatever style of dance they do!!

if people would come out and dance and dj's play a mixed style of music, and yes it is still promenetly cuban music, purely as at present all the DJ's in glasgow are cuban style dancers and any good DJ will play for the majority of the dancer at the venue.

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