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Calm down MC!..or is it Yoda? Why Yoda BTW?
I Know you have a ways to travel so you probably want to be guaranteed a great's just a pity that when people have a great night at Favela they rarely offer the encouragement you mentioned. We ARE catering to CBLs, Cuban and whoever takes to the dancefloor. We can't force people to attend and if CBLs don't attend (although, they do, in fact) there's not much we can do about that except to let them know that we are trying our best as promoters to please everyone. We go out of our way to get it right and your although your feedback is much appreciated, I will say again that it is unfortunate that you cannot make these requests or complaints to my face..or by email as you have my email see me on the nights in question, we have even danced at your birthday when we organised a special dance for please extend me the courtesy of giving me the chance to address any complaints before you write our nights off. Suavemente is willing to give us a (t)whirl so what do ya say?

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