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Is it not more about the music rather than a style battle? Personally I don't know if I could tell the difference between the various salsa/mambo music, and I don't know the names of the tracks to ask for, surely that's the DJs job. Lots of people don't like reggaeton nor some of the "alternative" salsa, but if enough people do to fill a club, then no reason to stop it - the people who don't like it will go to Edinburgh, Stirling or Arta, or the new club in Glasgow soon to open. Market forces and all that, same as having a beer vending machine instead of queuing for a busy bar person, I know what I'd buy my beer from....

If the teachers really want to encourage harmony, why don't they/you do some guest teaching appearances at the other style's classes occasionally? Or even join an opposite style class for a while? If anything will stamp out the style-battle it will be the teachers working together. I know several people who do both styles, but also many more who would like to dance the "other" style but don't have time. This might encourage some cross-fertilisation....

Yes Shannon I have been in Arta 3 times in the last 2 months and would go back. I was at the Sunday Social this month, later on, and wasn't impressed with the music. But if you say it has changed recently, then I'll try to persuade my friends to spend another Friday night there.

Just watched a film on TV Born Romantic set in a London salsa bar, noticed both styles and decent music. This is what everyone wants, the promoter(s) who achieve this bar in Glasgow will be successful!

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