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Yoda/ suavemente do you go out to clubs in Favela??!!

Arta on a Thurs is a busy night as is the Sunday Social in Favela.
Favela features the DJs from Arta, Cottiers and Sunday Social on the weekends.

Last night was brilliant in Favela ..despite the same few poo- pooing it on this board recently.

This makes me wonder when was the last time you were in Favela??..salsa all night long for CBLs and Cuban alike and there were quite a few CBLs there too..everyone was dancing with each I don't understand where this CBL vs Cuban comes from in terms of music?!!
If we must distinguish groups then I would say that Cuban dancers and CBLs alike seemed perfectly happy dancing to Gran Combo, Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Oscar D'Leon, Adalberto, Charanga Habanera etc and the latinos there had a great time..everyone dancing together all night long!!

I enter the CBL vs Cuban debate with trepidation but ,for the purpose of trying to get to the bottom of claims that CBLs won't go to Favela,..I am willing to risk it!

I know that CBLs miss having a place they deemed as their own since Havana shut down..a place where they all knew each other and a place that was their 'regular'..Favela & Arta have become salsa orientated and have ALWAYS welcomed everyone Havana did.

Yoda is would be nice if CBLs made the effort to attend a 'cuban*'/Favela night the way cuban dancers frequented Havana. (*ironic, because both Tumbao and Latin Kollective play A LOT of non-cuban on their nights!)...

It would be so nice to see more CBLs at our salsa nights...I love watching the spins and shines and I love trying it myself though I'm not that good at it..who cares..I have a good ole laugh and it's fun!

Might I suggest that the more you go to Favela, Arta and other nights..the more familiar it will become: think of the people you'll meet and make friends with..more people to dance with...perhaps we could celebrate the challenge of different dance styles and music instead of panning them?

We had a dancer from down south visiting last night who danced all styles. He and his partner got people up to dance and, before you knew, everyone was mingling! Yes, there are different dance styles but it all boils down to the same thing..DANCING and we can all do that!

Promoters bend over backwards to please everyone ( venue managers and punters alike) and we do try to accommodate everyone.

Sadly mud-slingers are quick to complain from afar, or ,after the event, or, anonymously,when your musical tastes could easily be catered to if only you'd make this known on the night. Perhaps you jusy like to complain?

We have been made aware of your comments on salsaholics and played a 90% salsa set last night..1 reaggaeton..arghh ( i was set up by my Dj partner who thought it sooo funny to set me up!)..3 bachatas, 1 mambo, 3 merengues..! It wasn't that busy with 100 people in but the energy was definately there and they didn't stop dancing all night long.

Maybe you should give Favela a try again or go there and see for yourself if you haven't been might be in for a pleasant surprise..

Bank Holiday Sunday 27th AUg at Favela. La Sonora Calavera are playing and salsa DJs, tapas incl and cheap beer. £8 tickets.

Also Cottiers is on this Sunday 9pm-midnight FREE.

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