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Well, it is my intention to have a completely salsa night and I'll do my best to get a 50/50 cbl cuban mix of music. I too have noticed the cross body dancers giving the scene a bit of a body swerve. However, ALL salsa dancers are equally important to the scene and everyone needs to be catered to.

This is a LONG TERM club or as long term as any of us can be sure of and it is a great place.

The only thing I will say at this time is that it is carpeted. Now this is ok for us Cuban dancers but I know it is impossible for cbl'ers. I have spoken to the management and have been assured that if the club is well attended they will not hesitate to lift the carpet and replace it with a brand spanking new wooden floor. I will bear some of the cost of this too.

Therefore, I urge you to support it and after just a couple of weeks we will have a dedicated salsa night on a Saturday night for the forseeable future.

Please support us in this. More info to follow...


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