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Yeah reggaeton is Latin! Duh! All the songs are in Spanish and the videos only feature Latin American people.

Anyway I think any kind of music is fine in small doses. I can understand that people might get annoyed if there's more than about 10 songs in a row of reggaeton.

In Cuba when they played (in all the clubs) more than about 10 songs of dance/rave/house/whatever you call it, it got a bit much for me. But if that's all it was, then I danced like crazy anyway, as did everybody else. Even 50 year olds bopped away to reggaeton and house music.

But it never is more than 10 songs. We're lucky if we get 3 in a row. (And I admit that even too much heavy reggaeton is boring after a while...)

So just enjoy it... the salsa will be back on before you know it and dominates the night anyway which is more than I can say for Cuba! There it's always about 30% salsa, 30% reggaeton and 30% dance...

Just dance!!! Doesn't matter!!! I love it all... I'll dance to anything as long as it's in small doses.

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