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What do you have against reggeaton? Djs have to accomodate all clientel and i know i dont only speak for myself when i say i absolutely love it and cant get enough of it. Salsa on its own is way too repetitive and i really love it when its more mixed up.

In Italy and Cuba i found it was far more that way with just 40% salsa and the rest a mixture of all sorts of music that appeal to latin crowds and i find it much more balanced that way, if anything im hoping that we get more teachers coming up to teach us good lambazouk so we can add yet another element. I understand that some people arent really comfortable with letting loose and just lettin your body move but it really loosens up your salsa dancing too so its a fear worth confronting in my opinion.

If a whole bunch of peeeps cheer and go crazy for a song then when a dj puts on another one thats them doing their job in reacting to the crowd, its the same in any club. If you're feeling like its too much for you go up and request whatever you're after. Otherwise make more of a fuss when the music you like comes on or how else are they supposed to know what to play?
Also to me the most fun thing about salsa is the improv, the acting...u know all the silly games derived from rumba,its something you practice aside from salsa and then put in later and it really really adds spice to a dance. Reggeaton is mostly that and you dont have to worry about steps and all that so you can get all the role play and put it into ur salsa later.

I think the problem is that maybe your uninspired because everybody's run out ideas, y not just ask for more workshops so you feel more comfortable dancing to it when the music comes on. It took me ages to feel comfortable to dance to african and dancehall and i still havent pinned the look but it feels good and i have fun with it now coz i let loose and enjoy it.

In cuba they even play dance and trance on the same night in all the clubs, we had to adjust to that and bizzarely enough i'v come back with a reaquired taste for it....and i thawt that that phase in my life was well over!

At the end of the day the point of these types of clubs is to recreate a corner of the latin world in this part of the world no? Not JUST an opportunity to practice new moves. Where else are we supposed to get our reggeaton fix if not in a latin club?? The closest we've ever had is in blanket and establishment. They might play a couple if we're lucky.

Please lets just try to accomodate everyone and just have fun!!! =) xx

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