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Re: Re: Re: glasgow clubs (suavemente) - 31st July 2006 22:18:50 in section Heated
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Good to hear, that must drop the average % this year. We'll see if it's a phase if reggaeton drops to an average of 1.03% by the year-end??

Associations can be made by venue unless people follow DJs - eg I wouldn't hesitate going to Arta or The Merlin because every time I've been there I've had an excellent night. Period. I can't say the same about Favela for some time - but it's always full so I wouldn't suggest spoiling other's enjoyment by complaining, I just don't go there.

I don't know the difference between Cuban, mambo etc music, but I do know what I like to dance salsa to - and it's quite definitely not reggaeton nor R&B so I don't risk wasting a night on the off-chance that it's a different DJ. But nice to know what DJs to look out for now.

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