HALLOWEEN 🎃 SALSA & BACHATA @ La Vida Club (FREE first time and £5)

Tuesday 31st October 2017.7pm
Bachata Edinburgh, Salsa Edinburgh
3 Queensferry Street Lane Edinburgh

THIS TUESDAY WE ARE @ LA VIDA  on 3 Queensferry Street Lane!!!!!!

Join us for a FREE taster class in BACHATA. We will start a class for an absolute beginners followed by a demo! :) then you can stay for the party and watch how other dancers do it and make new friends!!

▶️7pm Beginners FREE for first timers!!! 

▶️7:45pm level 2 (progressive level from level 1) that you are welcome to do on the are day!

▶️8:30pm Level 3 (or you can sit to have a cocktail & watch how other dancers doing it.)

➡️9:15pm Advance social dancing.

➡️10:15PM Halloween Salsa & Bachata Party till 1 🎃  OPTIONAL DRESS CODE!!!!! ONLY £3 entry.

NOTE: if you are a beginner and never been before, DONT WORRY, you don't have to come with a partner or friends. You can come alone as everybody is in the same boat, then we make new friends as we rotate around dancing with each other having a laugh and learn from zero level. :)

Also if you felt that you can do the following classes other than the beginner, you are welcome to do so but it's a £5 for the following classes on the are day! 

Click here for more information

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