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Orķ Dance Academy Website (£6 )
Regueton Movimiento® with Yainer Carbonell Vegueriz
22 Jamaica Street, Glasgow, G1 4QD

ESSENTIAL for conditioning the body and training it to move - this will most definitely fine-tweak all those areas no normal aerobics, dance or Zumba class can reach!

Based upon an isolation technique, developed by our very own Yainer Carbonell alongside leading fitness experts and physiotherapists to ensure that you get an all-over, well-balanced workout; this is a sure-fire way to loosen your inhibitions, learn the secrets of Latin-American / Caribbean dance, style up your salsa/street/tango or zouk and build physical confidence. Set to the most infectious Cuban beats, Hip-Hop and Regueton, this really is the ONLY class in town that will truly train you how to move.

After a ton of tests and movement analyses, we can now officially state that our class
will help you:
    -Increase Mobility, Flexibility & Coordination
    -Build Core Strength & Stability
    -Target Abs., Back, Legs & Bum
    -Improve Upper & Lower Posture
    -Burn calories & change your shape
    -Revolutionise your dancing, whatever your style

Classes run on a drop in basis only.

11am - 11.45am Regueton Movimiento® with Yainer Carbonell Vegueriz

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